Hello! My pen name is Laya and this is the soft launch of my blog which contains things that I’ve written throughout the years, most of which seem not too bad and I am still not embarrassed of 🙂


I am starting to write again, and well the output mostly falls under creative. While I am passionate about what I did as a scientist in my first career and later on as a tech professional, whenever I feel like writing about my topic, I would channel that to my quarterly and yearly reports or a paper for a conference for the former and strategy and roadmapping or the most thorough and beautiful requirement specifications on Confluence you’ve ever seen for the latter. I have mastered the art and psychology of being productive during office hours to my detriment.

A Brief History Of

In the very early 2000s as a university student in my teens (yes, giving away my age), I used to write for a column in an online community of university students and alumni with many other writers and back then, we used to have forums, which were all fun and ruckus. The point is, I am sorry that their servers failed and data were lost but thank God all my articles were gone because they were cringe with a bold capital C. The only thing that I am willing to share from that era of teenage drama and confusion and absence of therapy is this.

That was not the start of my writing venture though. I started in secondary school in our official college papers. So thankfully those articles and poems were all printed on physical newspapers and magazines and long gone. We all have to start somewhere.


While I do not have a way to record new piano experiments because I got a new acoustic upright and my setup has not yet begun, I hope to add new tracks soon.

That’s it for now. This page will be updated.